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Tactical 16 Publishing LogoTactical 16 Publishing is dedicated to serving active, inactive and retired United States military armed forces authors, along with their family members, military-affiliated writers and first responders. We serve those who have served our country.

Tactical 16 Publishing is an unconventional publisher that understands the therapeutic value, writing. We help you to tell your stories in your words. You don’t have to be a polished author to join our ranks. If you can write with passion and be unapologetic, we want to talk.

Tactical 16 PublishingWe are a Veteran owned and operated publishing company based in the beautiful mountain city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. What started as an idea among like-minded people has grown into reality.

Our mission is to provide a low-cost to no-cost alternative to self-publishing by creating a custom plan for each author in order for them to achieve their goal.

If you dream of being published, need some help publishing and have a solid marketing plan, we would love to hear your story!

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.


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Tactical 16 Signs Ward Mayfield

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:  Chris Schafer, CEO719-622-6161 Tactical 16 Signs Retired Army Staff Sgt. Ward Mayfield for “Lessons from Uncle Sam”Embark on a grueling journey alongside bomb disposal teams facing off with death on...

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Tactical 16 Signs Michael McGarrey

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:  Chris Schafer, CEO719-622-6161 Tactical 16 Signs Michael McGarrey for “Life’s Memorable Moments:  A Collection of Short Stories”Michael McGarrey gives readers a reason to smile with his compilation...

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Our New Partner

Mammoth Nation

Tactical 16 Publishing's new partner, Mammoth Nation.

Tactical 16 Publishing would like to welcome our new partner, Mammoth Nation, a membership-based online shopping platform that features American owned and operated businesses.

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Tactical 16 Services

Tactical 16 is a full-service publisher and, we believe in a collaborative approach to publishing. We work with you to help tell your stories in your words and become a published author. From manuscript development to custom editing and design through to print, distribution and marketing, you will be working with professionals at every level of the publishing process.

Manuscript Development

We work with every level of the manuscript development. Whether you have a completed manuscript or just a book idea we will collaborate with you through the process of bringing your book to realization. This service includes:

    • Review of submitted manuscripts
    • Edit those manuscripts for story
    • Work with our authors to revise manuscripts
    • Copy edit the final draft
    • Send for peer review
    • Develop production plans and timelines
    • Generate a complete manuscript

Custom Editing & Design

Getting the right look and feel of a publication is one of the most important steps in the publication process. Our team of editors and designers will work with you to get your idea for the perfect design and then craft a unique, professional looking product. Above all, our editing process will retain your voice. Some of our services include:

    • Manuscript reviewed and re-reviewed by professional editors
    • Layout and design of the interior of the book
    • Formatting and editing
    • Cover art and jacket copy

    We provide you with a proof copy for your review and approval before it goes to the catalog for print, ensuring that it has the look and feel you desire.

    Have a photo that you took over 60 years ago and want it in the book? We can help. Our graphic artist have worked with photos taken during WWII. We can’t fix every photo but, we can do amazing things to help bring your story to life.

Marketing & Promotion

By far the most difficult part of being an author is getting the word out about your book. We have a package of marketing that is cost efficient and directed at your target audience.

In Publishing, there are basically two types of marketing. Publishers market upstream to booksellers and distributors and authors market downstream to readers. Tactical 16 collaborates with our authors to create a comprehensive marketing program to include both. Some of our services and coaching include:

    • Advice and direction on working with marketing professionals
    • Developing Tip Sheets
    • Working with Social Media
    • Advice on website design and development
    • Assistance with promotional events such as book signings and a release party
    • Each author receives at least twenty printed books
    • Generate a list of influencers and create solicitations for advance praise
    • Complete book sent to each influencer
    • Each author gets a dedicated “store” on *Aerio
*Aerio is a book marketing and sales platform designed to give users multiple avenues to directly engage with their audience and share their important message.

Powered by Ingram Content Group, one of the world’s largest book distributors, Aerio’s book marketing tools, along with your Aerio online bookstore, give publishers, authors, and booksellers alike the advantages they need to promote their books, gain a bigger following, and make more book sales in a crowded marketplace.

Share Your Story – Publish Your Book With Tactical 16


Tactical 16 Publishing logo.
Tactical 16 Publishing is designed to honor those that have servedTactical 16 Publishing is designed to honor those that have served this great country regardless of their role. Tactical 16 Publishing understands the therapeutic power of writing and we encourage our authors to be authentic and write with integrity.

Because these stories often encompass the sheer chaos and tragic events experienced outside normal circumstances, they are controversial at times. We also understand that these events profoundly affect the world views and belief systems of those authors we publish.

We produce these stories as they were experienced. Tactical 16 PublishingWe do not shy away from these inherent issues, regardless of the author’s beliefs, lifestyle, or background. We tell stories because they need to be told and we produce these stories as they were experienced, remembered, and intended in the author’s voice, without judgment.

Many of our author’s vision is that their story will provide hope to others, preserve family histories, or share gained insight and knowledge. Other times it’s to entertain based on a unique perspective. We are dedicated to these efforts.

Regardless of the book genre, author background, or belief system, we support those that are dedicated to producing a professional product that enriches our authors and reader’s lives.

Chris Schafer
CEO, Tactical 16 Publishing

Partner Highlights


DOD Reads. What are you reading?
DODReads provides high-quality resources so that every service member has an answer to “What are you Reading?” DODReads offers Military Reading List, Book Reviews, Leadership Articles and much more. Become a lifelong learner.

We are happy to have DODReads as a Tactical 16 Publishing partner. Please take a look at their website at: www.dodreads.com.

Mammoth Nation

Tactical 16 Publishing's new partner, Mammoth Nation.

Tactical 16 Publishing would like to welcome our new partner, Mammoth Nation, a membership-based online shopping platform that features American owned and operated businesses.

Click Here to Visit Mammoth Nation

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