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Tactical 16 Publishing LogoTactical 16 Publishing is dedicated to serving active, inactive and retired United States military armed forces authors, along with their family members, military-affiliated writers and first responders. We serve those who have served our country.

Tactical 16 Publishing is an unconventional publisher that understands the therapeutic value, writing. We help you to tell your stories in your words. You don’t have to be a polished author to join our ranks. If you can write with passion and be unapologetic, we want to talk.

We are a Veteran owned and operated publishing company based in the beautiful mountain city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. What started as an idea among like-minded people has grown into reality.

Our mission is to provide a low-cost to no-cost alternative to self-publishing by creating a custom plan for each author in order for them to achieve their goal.

If you dream of being published, need some help publishing and have a solid marketing plan, we would love to hear your story!

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Meet Our Team




Erik is a 13-year Bronze Star awarded Army Veteran with multiple deployments around the globe. In 2012, prior to an Afghanistan deployment, he launched Tactical 16 and, with the help of a few friends, put Tactical 16 on the National stage almost immediately.

Erik’s goal was to create an organization within the publishing industry than could help develop and promote books but also establish a therapeutic outlet for Veterans and Civilians alike that may have dealt with traumatic experiences. Since 2012, Erik and the team have been featured on Fox News, Newsweek TV, CNN, BBC, SkyNews, MSNBC, EWTN, Yahoo, and many others.

Erik and the Tactical 16 team continue to be highly respected in media and entertainment circles worldwide. Under Erik’s guidance, Tactical 16 managed to put stories that would have never been told into print and on to bookshelves.  All while providing a mental outlet that was a proven success and became a staple of the Tactical 16 brand.

In 2018, Erik handed over the reins of Tactical 16 to Chris Schafer in order to focus on other opportunities but remains a mainstay on the national media circuit and continues to work with Chris to promote and create opportunities for future writers that may feel like they don’t have a voice.

Erik currently resides in Colorado Springs with his wife Kristen and daughter Kayla. Erik is an active advisor to new entrepreneurs, social media influencer and continues to work within the Veteran community to raise awareness of today’s veterans’ issues.


Chief Executive Officer

Chris is a 25+ year U.S. Army, Green Beret, retired veteran. He spent much of his military career on 3rd Special Forces Operational Detachments Alpha (ODA) teams in nine different combat zones. His career includes many deployments leading ODA combat teams and advising and training people from all over the world. Chris earned a dual Master’s Degree in Business and Project management.

As CEO of Tactical 16, Chris leads a team of professionals dedicated to help our authors tell their stories in their own words and get their book(s) published.

Chris is not only our CEO but, one of our authors as well. Chris co-authored the book, Intrepid Professionals. Intrepid Professionals is a book that equips executives, managers, entrepreneurs and self-improvement seekers to understand and leverage principles of the military mindset. Intrepid Professionals is designed to create more agile, innovative, and financially competitive organizations and individuals. The book’s material outlines the common thread for success in those that dared to defy the odds. Those who are considered the tip of the spear in military terms.

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