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You Belong:  A Guidebook for the Career-Minded Woman on the Move

In her new book, You Belong, A Guidebook for the Career-Minded Woman on the Move, “Ruth Anne shares valuable lessons learned and takes readers on a voyage of discovery, encouraging them every step of the way,” said Chris Schafer, CEO at Tactical 16 Publishing. “She includes reflections at the end of each section that will give her audience real clarity on next steps to take on their career journeys!”

“My book is for women out there that have questioned where they are in their careers or haven’t been taken seriously as active participants in the workplace,” said Kramer, a therapist with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Virginia. “I’m focused on helping others overcome any anxiety, doubt, or fears they have. I want all women out there struggling to know that they’re not alone. Let’s get moving. Together.”

Ruth “Anne” Kramer is a mom, friend, daughter, sister, retired military spouse, and Veteran.  She advocates for women, military spouses, and ALL Veterans.

Anne is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the mental health care industry. She holds additional certifications specializing in working with those affected by addiction and trauma and utilizing sand tray therapy. Anne received her Master of Social Work (MSW) with a medical specialization from the Catholic University of America of Washington, D.C. in 2014, following her eight years of service as a Signal Corps Officer in the United States Army.

During her time in the military, Anne served as a company commander while deployed to Iraq with a follow-on assignment as an aide-de-camp to a two-star general. Military life as a Soldier and military spouse has brought her to live in Georgia, Korea, North Carolina, Iraq, Maryland, Texas, Hawaii, and Virginia. Anne currently serves as a therapist in Trauma Recovery Services with the Department of Veterans Affairs at the Hampton VAMC, Portsmouth CBOC. She also volunteers with the American Red Cross as a Reconnection Workshop Facilitator.

In her spare time, she loves to work out, run, read, play games and sports, watch chick flicks, and is an avid podcast junkie. Anne lives with her husband and three children in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Tactical 16 Publishing specializes in working with authors in the armed forces, police, fire, and rescue communities.

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You Belong: A Guidebook for the Career-Minded Woman on the Move by author Ruth Anne Kramer. Tactical 16 Publishing.

You Belong: A Guidebook for the Career-Minded Woman on the Move


1 review for You Belong: A Guidebook for the Career-Minded Woman on the Move

  1. Crystal Bettenhausen-Bubulka

    As a clinical social worker I hear from many military spouses about the challenges of belonging. As a military spouse of nearly 20 years, I have also struggled with belonging. It isn’t as simple as it sounds, it is complex and painful. Ruth Anne gives readers a guidebook for reflection. Tools for coping and making change in a world of isolation. With her vulnerability and experiences she give us all a place to belong.

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