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Life’s Memorable Moments

In his debut book, McGarrey shares a series of light-hearted stories about his life, including numerous mishaps and often awkward moments that readers will find amusing and fun.

“Get ready to get a good laugh and a look into some of the events in my life that helped shape me,” said McGarrey, who was in the U.S. Army infantry for almost 8 years. “I want people to think of their own memorable moments after reading my book, and see that it’s the embarrassing and sometimes hard things that give us the best memories.”

McGarrey set out to write this book to reassure others that everyone has both bad and good things that happen to them over a lifetime. But, when you compare, the bad times usually make up only about one percent compared to the joyous moments, he says.

The author includes many short stories, including tales about a fishing debacle, a construction mishap, and an embarrassing moment on the beach.

“Michael’s book will definitely bring joy and encouragement to many readers with his feel-good series of stories,” said Chris Schafer, CEO at Tactical 16 Publishing. “He helps his audience see that it’s okay to laugh at yourself in a world often filled with negativity. This is one that will be hard to stop reading once you start!”

Michael McGarrey author of Life's Memorable Moments: A Collection of Short Stories. Tactical 16 Publishing.Michael McGarrey is a Texas native that hails from the little big town of Fort Worth. After high school, Michael worked as a plumber in Fort Worth for a company that specialized in large industrial and commercial type plumbing.

In 2007 Michael decided to enter the United States Army as an Infantryman. He graduated from One Station Unit Station from Fort Benning, Georgia, in May of 2008. He deployed to Iraq with the 10th Mountain Division, then PCSed to 101st Airborne Division. He then deployed to Afghanistan with the 101 before exiting the military in late 2014.

Michael eventually decided to become a writer. He began by becoming a ghostwriter for companies that do question and answer articles on search engines. His first book, “Life’s Memorable Moments”, will be two volumes of ten short stories each. The stories are about particular events in Michael’s life, pre- and post-military, that Michael finds quite hilarious. Michael believes the world could use a little laugh, even if it’s at him.

Tactical 16 Publishing specializes in working with authors in the armed forces, police, fire, and rescue communities.

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Life's Memorable Moments: A Collection of Short Stories by author Michael McGarrey. Tactical 16 Publishing.

Life’s Memorable Moments

A Collection of Short Stories


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 by Bev Sconce
A Well Written Book
Book Title: Life's Memorable Moments

Dear Tac16, This was a well-written book which I enjoyed very much. Michael, the author, has quite a bit of life experience to bring to the table, which he skillfully does. My husband laughed at my retelling of some of Michael’s stories. His stories were entertaining and rich. Like the ‘Geep guys’ he worked with, his stories were equally surprising. Can’t wait for the 2nd book.

Tactical 16