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Anthony Perez is a Navy veteran, successful entrepreneur, speaker, and community leader with over 25 years of experience building and developing leaders. Anthony’s true passion is being a teacher on the topic of emotional intelligence and leadership. His gift is the ability to connect people to accomplish good and being a true advocate and community leader supporting those who need a voice.  Anthony’s has been appointed by the governor of Colorado as a board member to the Colorado state’s minority Business Advisory Council, and by the mayor of Colorado Springs as the commissioner for the urban renewal authority.

Of the hundreds of companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations Anthony has worked with, all agree his insight is exceptional and his direct but humorous style is compelling. His use of personal observations and experiences allows him to relate to the audience and provide Perez-ism’s that can be immediately implemented by participants.

Anthony’s Ted talk on servant leadership has impacted thousands and has been used in graduate programs around the nation and helped other speakers, authors, consultants, and experts gain clarity on how to create their message and individual brand.

When it’s all said and done, Anthony is a confident but humble individual whose true passion is about giving back to his community and to those that he supports and serves near and far every day. Anthony describes his leadership style as compassionate while demanding expectations. His motto is, you NEVER abandon your expectations of execution.

Professional Durability by author Anthony Perez. Tactical 16 Publishing.In his new book, Professional Durability: Withstanding The Storm Of Change, the author asks readers to look for parallels from their life experiences and apply them to their professional growth and development to help themselves and others. Self-awareness, resilience, accountability, and how to stay committed to achieve desired outcomes are central to the discussion.

Tactical 16 Publishing specializes in working with authors in the armed forces, police, fire, and rescue communities.

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TEDx Talk with Anthony Perez author of Professional Durability. Tactical 16 Publishing.

Colorado Springs

Our Town podcast featuring Anthony Perez author of Professional Durability. Tactical 16 Publishing.

Colorado Springs

Professional Durability: Withstanding the Storm of Change


Professional Durability by author Anthony Perez. Tactical 16 Publishing.

Professional Durability:
Withstanding The Storm of Change



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