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Leadership in the Real World by Tom Petitmermet. Tactical 16 PublishingIn his third book, Leadership in the Real World, published under Tactical 16, retired Air Force Col. Tom Petitmermet lays out solid leadership principles and real-world examples that business professionals should emulate and approaches they should avoid to be successful.

“My leadership philosophy comes from 50 years of actual hands-on leadership situations,” said Petitmermet, who bases his tenets on 26 years as an Air Force pilot, 15 years working as a defense industry consultant, and over 25 years as the leader of a non-profit volunteer group.

Petitmermet’s previous works provide readers with meaningful examples of leadership in action during his distinguished military career:  Pretzel 06, Memories of a Forward Air Controller:  Southeast Asia 1970-1971 and Top Cover for North America:  Protecting America from the Soviet Threat. (See below for more information and to purchase these books.)

“Tom’s latest book drills down to critical areas every successful leader should focus on:  competence, mission, people, communication, standards, integrity, loyalty, decision making, delegation, and teamwork,” said Chris Schafer, CEO at Tactical 16 Publishing. “This book is a game changer!”

Tom Petitmermet, Author. Tactical 16 Publishing.Tom Petitmermet flew 535 combat sorties and was awarded numerous military decorations for his service. Tom retired as a Colonel after completing a 26 year Air Force career flying fighter aircraft and testing air to air munitions. Tom also held many command and staff positions including Commander of an Aggressor flying squadron in Alaska and Base Commander of a remoter Alaska base.

Tom retired in 1995 as the Deputy Chief of Staff of the North American Defense Command (NORAD).

Tactical 16 Publishing specializes in working with authors in the armed forces, police, fire, and rescue communities.

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Leadership in the Real World by Tom Petitmermet. Tactical 16 Publishing

Leadership in the Real World

Top Cover for North America by author Tom Petitmermet. Tactical 16 Publishing.

Top Cover for North America

Pretzel 06 by author Tom Petitmermet on Tactical 16 Publishing

Pretzel 06 – Memories of a Forward Air Controller


Introduction to

Pretzel 06

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 4 reviews
 by Ken Ryder
Book Title: Top Cover

I had the pleasure of working with Col P+10 at Galena as his Deputy Commander for Resources. He was one on the best commanders I was ever assigned with. I can attest first had to his obsession with maintaining a journal.

 by Joe Dixon, Colonel USAF (ret)
Book Title: Leadership in the Real World

I had the good fortune of serving with Tom during two different assignments when I witnessed his superb leadership qualities first-hand.  Now, thanks to this terrific book, his insights — gained throughout his career — can be shared with a much wider audience.

 by Retired Air Force Col. Frank Leuck
Book Title: Leadership in the Real World

I know Tom, I’ve read his books and I’ve witnessed his leadership skills firsthand. Read this book and enjoy moving your leadership skills up more than just a notch or two.

 by Retired Air Force Col. John Schmidt
Book Title: Leadership in the Real World

Not boring theory...but real-world leadership examples, often humorous, for all aspiring "fast burners".

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