KA Brown book signing party for his book Programmed to Win on June 11, 2023. Tactical 16 Publishing.

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Programmed To Win

Programmed To Win. In the first of several planned books in a series, K.A. Brown introduces readers to a cast of well-developed characters who all become part of a riveting plotline centered around the intense search for power and revenge in the political arena, no matter what the cost.

The story opens with the brilliant discovery of a cure for cancer by Dr. Francis Popolous and quickly turns dark as the scientist learns that his genetic findings also reveal a person’s political disposition. Politicians, influencers, and heroes across America become part of a twisted adventure filled with murder and scheming as the story unravels with every page turn.

K.A. Brown, author of Programmed To Win. Tactical 16 Publishing.KA’s experience as a firefighter has given him a unique perspective on the world and has inspired him to explore complex themes in his writing. Programmed to Win is a gripping tale that delves into the inner workings of politics and the lengths some will go to achieve their goals.

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