Lessons from Thor


In her first book Kim DeFiori offers important lessons her service dog, Thor, has taught her that readers from all walks of life can apply to their lives.

In Lessons from Thor, retired Army Captain DeFiori cleverly weaves Thor’s take on life throughout her story. Some of the topics she focuses on include: taking care of yourself; trying new things; resting and recharging; finding and enjoying every moment; leaning on others when struggling; appreciating our past; and, being a good listener to people who are hurting. As an example, she shares that “When Thor goes to the beach, he doesn’t watch the waves, he crashes into them. Life is about trying things, not just watching from the sidelines.” 

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“Kim’s debut book, Lessons from Thor, is so heartfelt and encouraging,” said Chris Schafer, CEO at Tactical 16. “She talks about her difficult journey and close relationship with Thor, her precocious furry friend, in a fun and meaningful way. You’re sure to fall in love with Thor and learn from both Kim and him as the story progresses. This book is so well done and motivational!” DeFiori calls Maryland home and recently started Badges United Foundation, a non-profit, to help first responders who have PTSD.


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