Fitness For Busy Dads


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In his debut book, Fitness For Busy Dads, Tom presents a simple and effective program geared towards dads with busy schedules in order to ultimately build a healthier lifestyle.

“Being a dad isn’t easy, said Tom, a father of two young boys and an Active Guard Reserve (AGR) soldier. “You’re busy all the time between work, the kids, chores, and fixing up the house. I’m just like you – someone who knows the struggle of trying to balance a career, being a husband and a father and trying to stay healthy. That’s why I was inspired to write this book and share what has worked for me and can work for you.”

Fitness For Busy Dads

Tom delivers a clear blueprint centered around a combination of lifting weights, cardio, and a focus on nutrition. He also dispels fitness myths, including targeting fat loss.


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