Three Planets

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Journey to an uncharted planet alongside a rag tag team of combat vets as they fight to save Earth.

Earth’s natural resources are depleted. It’s up to a team of veterans, now mining for a living, to travel to the blood red planet Revis to search for precious minerals and give the earth a ray of hope.

Ari, the main character, leads the team as they battle to get there first before competing countries. They face a lawless environment fraught with perilous mysteries and danger from the elements. Survival of the crew and ultimately Earth hangs in the balance.

Chris Clayson author of Three Planets. Tactical 16 Publishing.Three Planets is a high-octane joy ride based on my experiences in combat with the unique twist of space exploration added into the mix,” said Chris Clayson, who served for four years in the regular Army and two years in combat in Iraq. “Get ready to discover the mysteries of space in a race against time with adrenaline junkies putting their lives on the line for a greater cause.”

“Chris is an up-and-coming author with a story featuring unforgettable characters and an unpredictable plot. Three Planets will keep readers turning pages well into the night to find out if Ari’s team saves the world,” said Chris Schafer, CEO at Tactical 16 Publishing. “His book promises an emotional whirlwind that readers are sure to enjoy!”

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