Tactical 16 Signs Jeff Clark


Contact:  Chris Schafer, CEO

Tactical 16 Signs Jeff Clark for “Hear These Truths:  The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Leadership Algorithm”

Jeff Clark, Author. Tactical 16 Publishing.Jeff Clark equips readers with essential tools to define their leadership philosophy for success.

Colorado Springs, Colo. – – Tactical 16 Publishing announced today the signing of Jeff Clark for Hear These Truths:  The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Leadership Algorithm.

Hear These Truths: The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Leadership Algorithm by Author Jeff Clark. Tactical 16 Publishing.In his debut book, Clark outlines the crucial steps readers should take to design their own philosophy, or what he calls their algorithm, to rule the workplace and understand their leadership mission, vision, and goals.

“Approaching leadership without a strategy will bury you and slow your progress,” said Clark, a coach and mentor with certifications in Lean Six Sigma, technical training, and executive leadership. “The way an algorithm – a rule set for success – guides the content of a website, your school of thought on leading must do the same. It’s the ‘call to action.’”

Clark draws upon his experiences as an entrepreneur, as a retired Air Force logistician serving during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and as a government civil service employee to lay out a clear plan for readers to win in the workplace.

This plan covers:  defining leadership; distinguishing between power and purpose; being a servant leader; making smart decisions with confidence; becoming empowered and empowering others; effectively communicating and listening; and, accountability and its importance for leaders and teams.

“Jeff’s book lays out such a solid foundation for those looking to kickstart their careers or hoping to refine their leadership skills,” said Chris Schafer, CEO at Tactical 16 Publishing. “He asks readers to be honest with themselves in a way they maybe haven’t been before. This is definitely a book that will reshape your thinking and way of doing things as a professional! A must read!”

Clark lives in Oklahoma with his wife and three children, his oldest currently serving on active duty in the Air Force. He hosts a podcast, “Course of Action,” volunteers with multiple veterans’ organizations, and is working on his doctorate.

Jeff Clark, Author. Tactical 16 Publishing.

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