Look To The Warriors


Look To The Warriors – 12 Perspectives to Cultivate Inner Peace

Lee Kelley’s self-help book draws upon the military’s most foundational lessons and mindsets to help readers apply these life-changing principles in their own lives.

“After serving in uniform for a decade, and now working closely with Veterans for the past 14 years, I’ve discovered some perspectives that I think will help readers create more inner peace, reduce stress, and sustain them through difficult times and the emotional wars we all fight,” said Kelley, an Army Veteran, author, executive coach and trainer. “My goal is to offer a source of hope, pride, and optimism by pointing to these lessons from the Veteran community.”

Some of the tools Kelley focuses on in his new book include:  optimism, determination, accountability, self- reflection, resilience and adaptability, patience, planning and goal setting, and mindfulness.

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