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The First Enterprize


The First Enterprise, A Legendary Little Ship with a Storied Name. Spencer traces the full story of this historic ship from its conception and construction in 1799 to its ultimate demise in 1823, when she stranded and broke up on Little Curacao Island in the West Indies.

Spencer’s narrative follows the ship’s beginnings as tensions grow with France during the Quasi-War with France through a time period where the Barbary State of Tripoli declares war on the United States to the War of 1812. The story culminates with tales of piracy in the Caribbean when bandits preyed on merchant ships and the Enterprize was charged with conducting anti-piracy operations. The word “enterprise,” or “enterprize as it was generally spelled long ago, has been defined as embarking on new ventures with boldness and energy.

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The First Enterprize: A Legendary Little Ship with a Storied Name

“History enthusiasts and those with a naval or military background are sure to be immersed in the untold story of this famous ship – a history that includes wars and conflicts in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean and colorful commanders,” said Spencer, a life-long history enthusiast. “I’ve combined a compelling narrative with ship images, battle scenes, portraits of captains and their commodores, along with maps to draw readers into the story.”

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