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Intrepid Professionals

How Principles from the Military Mindset Build Extraordinary Leaders, Teams, and Businesses

Intrepid Professionals is a book that equips executives, managers, entrepreneurs and self-improvement seekers to understand and leverage principles of the military mindset. Intrepid Professionals is designed to create more agile, innovative, and financially competitive organizations and individuals. The book’s material outlines the common thread for success in those that dared to defy the odds. Those who are considered the tip of the spear in military terms.

Real stories (called In the Mindset for each chapter) orientate the readers’ thoughts with research to back it up. It balances the problems and pragmatic solutions of our time against the contemplative answers of great philosophers, scientists, thinkers, explorers, historians, and notable military warriors. Through the minds of amazing intrepid people, Intrepid Professionals paints a picture of the mindset that is embraced by Intrepid Professionals.

At the end of each Area of Impact (aka chapter), there is a set of thought provoking statements and questions called Actionable Intelligence that will help you think critically about what the reader has read. We do not provide useless tips, advice, or practices. Far too many resources already exist for quick fixes that rarely have lasting value. Instead, we have constructed each Area of Impact as a self-contained discussion with its own conclusion and direction.

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Dr. Brent Carter & Chris Schafer
Dr. Brent Carter & Chris SchaferCo-Authors

Brent is a consultant, university professor, and researcher in the fields of leadership behavioral & the brain sciences, crisis management, and organizational adaptation. He is the President of AspenRed Consulting™ which specializes in leadership transformation for Fortune 500 corporate clients, all branches of the military, and non-profit organizations. Brent has earned degrees in Aeronautical Studies, Information Technology, Business Administration, as well as leadership / psychology education from M.I.T. Sloan. He also has over 20 years working with civilian corporations, federal agencies and alongside many military organizations. His expertise is in leadership behavior, neuroscience and psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, organizational stress dynamics, and complex adaptive systems. Brent has a PhD in Management.

Chris is President of Solid Operators Consulting™ and is a 25+ year U.S. Army retired veteran. He spent much of his military career in the 3rd Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) teams. His career includes many deployments to third world countries leading ODA combat teams on the ground. Chris helped to start, and then deployed with, the first combat dive team in 4th Battalion / 3rd SFG and also was the 3rd Group HQ Theater Security Cooperation Program Manager. He has advised and trained people from many different cultures and countries. And he is an expert in military special operations, intelligence analysis, command infrastructure, project planning and management, counterterrorism, and team leadership – to name a few areas. He has been fortunate to work and train with the most professional soldiers in the world for a majority of his life. Chris is in the final stages of completing a Master Degree in Business.