Military Minds, Inc.


  Military Minds Inc. is the largest and leading global organization raising awareness of the stigma of, and providing peer support for, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We provide support to those living with PTSD, and [...]

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  WHO IS KOTA LONGBOARDS We are thrill seekers, veterans, pilots, skiers, bikers, athletes, outdoors nuts and, of course, longboarders. We love having fun, going fast with the wind in our face and challenging gravity. [...]

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Shadow Works Group


Shadow Works is a patriotic infused brand that encourages smartly pushing limits and challenging the human spirit. After the numbers have been crunched and the long arduous hours of training is over, that moment when [...]

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The Veterans of Comedy


The Veterans of Comedy is a group of comedians that have served in the armed forces, who are now nationally touring comedians who have made it their mission to entertain veterans, and active duty military. [...]

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Giant Squid Creations


Giant Squid Creations is the brainchild of senior executive producer and president, Andy Och. Andy is an award winning television and music producer, who has been working with television and multi-media production in the united [...]

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