Author Biography – Kevin Andrew

Kevin Andrew

Kevin Andrew is a Physical Therapist, US Army disabled combat veteran and first-time author. Kevin lives and works in Austin, Texas with his wife, Eugenia, and twin teenage children Aspen and Kevin. His book, Zuzu’s Petals, chronicles Kevin’s battle to overcome physical and emotional difficulties resulting from his battlefield experiences during the First Gulf War. Kevin is a devoted practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga which has played a major role in his emergence from depression to a more healthy and positive outlook on life. Kevin’s hope is that “Zuzu’s Petals” will provide a path for fellow veterans and others with disabilities to follow in their quest for a more meaningful and fruitful life.






Courageously honest and heartfelt. Zuzu’s Petals gives us insight from a man who has learned a thing or two about courage and keeping the heart open amidst pain and suffering and chaos.

Sharon Moon, Austin, Texas

Kevin takes you on a candid, personal, soul-baring journey that dares you to truly connect with yourself and live your life fully.

Scott Schalchlin, Austin, Texas

A compelling story told straight from the heart about one man’s journey from facing our country’s enemies in another land, only to return home to confront even more formidable foes. An example of how, through perseverance and maintaining a positive outlook and while maybe not completely overcoming the obstacles, one can find true meaning and solace in their life. Truly inspirational.

Dave Quinn, State Chair, NH ESGR

Zuzu’s Petals is a must read for a wide ranging audience, including Veterans who feel they may be suffering from a combat related disability and have been thwarted in their efforts to receive recognition and compensation through the Veterans Administration. As a Combat Veteran of Vietnam, I related emotionally to Kevin’s description of his encounter with a Vietnam Vet shortly after returning from the Gulf War. His insightful look at “contact points” or CPs is helpful in understanding how future events and decisions are shaped. Kevin has found a way to deal with his disability and readers of this book may embrace the same or similar method. Thank you for giving me the privilege and opportunity of reviewing Zuzu’s Petals.

Darrell Spencer, Vietnam Veteran

Zuzu’s Petals is a rare glimpse into the philosophical and spiritual journey of a man who has faced life and death in ways more varied than the average human. For the reader, he brings hope as one who has healed many; as a soldier, he brings the brutality of life; as a yoga practitioner, he brings the difficulties (and rewards) of self-discipline. All men one day face the questions of life posed by the author, and Kevin’s own personal transformation incites the reader to explore one’s own spiritual existence, and invites us to make the journey meaningful.

Joseph D. Smith, Austin, Texas